The month of Martignani night trials

The Martignani Night Trials season has begun. Since last week, and throughout the month of July, several demos are planned in different areas of our country in order to verify the potential and efficiency of the treatments carried out with Martignani nebulizers.

In recent days we have been in Trentino at the Agriturismo Maso Martis. It was, as always, a wonderful experience that allowed us to do what we like best: stay close to the people interested in our technology and check, together with them, the results of the treatments carried out with Martignani nebulizers.


The treatments, in these tests, are carried out with a fluorescent product and UV lamps. In this way it is possible to see the homogeneous, uniform and precise coverage of the treatment on all parts of the plant and the practically absence of product in the soil.



We have planned several Field Trials in the various regions of Italy, from Tuscany to Puglia or Sardinia. To find out more about the test dates and Martignani technology you can contact us here: