Martignani’s theorem: An example of Business Mathematics in Agriculture

The founder of Martignani Srl, Eng. Claudio Martignani, created and proved 23 years ago a mathematical theorem that quantified the economic savings, in labour and in the use of pesticides with the use of a Martignani Elettrostatic Sprayer compared to the use of a Conventional Sprayer.

As you can see in the following image, in the Martignani Theorem we suppose that two Conventional Sprayers are supplied to a wine grower at ZERO COST, while one/1 Martignani Sprayer is supplied to another wine grower at a cost of £ 48,000,000 (about 24,000 euro today). The Theorem proves with a clear example, that after a few seasons of work, the investment is reversed and thanks to the use of the Martignani Electrostatic Sprayer, significant savings in manpower, tractor hours (hence fuel) and use of chemical products are highlighted.

Specifically, six seasons after the purchase of the Martignani Sprayer, the winemaker saved:

– 24,000 euros in pesticides

– 1,200 hours of manpower

– 1,200 tractor hours




The Martignani Theorem, created 23 years ago by Eng. Claudio Martignani, is still valid today. It has been shown that within 5 – 7 years, depending on the number of hectares, producers have reached the BEP (Break Even Point) of the investment made to purchase a Martignani Electrostatic Sprayer and continue to save water, manpower, tractor hours and use of chemicals.

Furthermore, Martignani Sprayers, thanks to Electrostatic Technology, are the only ones to constantly guarantee the ideal droplets size and even distribution with no run-off and almost non drift losses.

Download the complete theorem in pdf: teorema martignani

To learn more about Martignani electrostatic nebulizers, watch the video!!