Martignani Whirlwind M612 Trailed PTO “DUO – WING – JET” Low Volume-Electrostatic Mist Blower

Duo Wing Jet is a Martignani electrostatic mist blower, equipped with two air cushion anti-drift screens with recovery, but without product recycling.

This mist blower can be considered the first and only mist blower that recovers the product by combining the electrostatic attraction between the vegetation and the electrically charged micro-droplets (+ -) with that of two special protective screens with an air-cushion that extends beyond their edge; without any recycling of the pesticide mixture and not only with 99% anti-drift but also with no chemical residues on fruits, grapes, wine etc.
The Duo Wing Jet guarantees:
  • The perfect micronization of the drop with a very even distribution on the vegetation, both on the direct and external side of the row.
  • An optimal ant-drift effect was noted with the machine operating at night using a fluorescent product. This means that the machine can also be used in critical areas (buffer
  • zones) located close to watercourses, roads, buildings etc.
  • Considerable economic advantages, with savings of up to 400 €/ha.
Award-winning machine:
  • "New Technology" competition at SIMEI-ENOVITIS 2013
  • 2014 Enovitis Award
  • Eima Award 2014
  • Vote in the vineyard 2018
PATENT N ° BO 2012 A000399


Whirlwind M612 Duo Wing Jet