From Martignani a Press Release with Warning

The Facts - At the International Agricultural Engineering Conference - ZURICH, 6-10 July 2014, two French Organizations together presented the results of a series of COMPARATIVE "TESTS" - simulated tests to kill MOSQUITO LARVAE, comparing 4 DIFFERENT mechanical means of distribution of the INSECTICIDE, also including, TO OUR SURPRISE, a MARTIGNANI SuperEcology B-748 11.7 kW, which provides a much LOWER PROFIT than the 19.8 kW model from one of our historic domestic COMPETITORS.

Based on some KEY ELEMENTS presented in the REPORT, it turns out that our method was used in a COMPLETELY INCORRECT manner. In fact:

Because the detection of the diameter of the MARTIGNANI DROPLETS only shows ?????……250 microns versus 80-160 microns confirmed by our UNIVERSITY CERTIFICATIONS, anyone with a minimum knowledge of the PNEUMATIC NEBULIZATION MECHANISM must be able to MATHEMATICALLY ACKNOWLEDGE that the B-748 was USED at only slightly more than HALF of the MOTOR and FAN SPEED compared to the PROPER SYSTEM OPERATION with a CANNON diffuser.

Even the most NAIVE individual understands that if a device has a HORIZONTAL CAPACITY RANGE of approx. 30 metres, as stated by the Manufacturer, it will never be able to kill the LARVAE located 85 metres away, as is indicated for our COMPETITOR in a TABLE where, STRANGELY, only the B-748 and the 19.8 kW model are shown, of the THREE DEVICES operating on lorries. This can only happen if the vehicle is operated with a FAVORABLE WIND compared to the other one in DEAD AIR. I.e. Since 1979 MARTIGNANI Super Ecology B-120 23,9 kW models with a horizontal capacity range of 40 metres are used to kill locusts in the deserts of Algeria, Mali and Mauritania with application of ULTRA LOW VOLUME pure pesticide (3 l/ha) up to a distance of 100 metres always operating with a FAVORABLE WIND.

If you consider that the ONLY MODEL on the market with a HORIZONTAL RANGE of 80 metres (stationary) is our M-819 MASTER with a 144 HP (105 kW) motor.

ANOTHER STRANGE THING: Why is there no mention of the results from the 13,2 GERMAN device on the lorry but. in a separate table, only the BACKPACK is shown, with a range of 17 metres?

FURTHERMORE – THE JUSTIFICATION of the AUTHORS in regards to the lower distance achieved by our B-748 has NO SENSE: according to this, they would have to have a GREATER DIAMETER than our DROPLETS (…..250 microns) versus 150-300 microns of the COMPETITOR MACHINE with conventional NOZZLES at high pressure!

Note that in one of the multiple “TESTS”, a result of 20 meters was obtained with the B-748 and only 17 metres with the 19,8 kW model – Why is that?

It is for these reasons that MARTIGNANI is inviting ANYONE who would like to see the GRAPHIC with the RESULTS (ALREADY UNJUSTLY exploited by our COMPETITOR to its OWN ADVANTAGE) so that one may be completely SUSPICIOUS of these RESULTS and consider them to be LACKING IN ANY VALUE WHATSOEVER.

Note that, as a result of this, LEGAL PROCEEDINGS have been brought against those RESPONSIBLE for this EXPERIMENT performed in Different Weather Conditions, without asking for the participation of one of our technicians to ensure the proper method of use.

This requires REGULATION and PROFESSIONAL ETHICS of any serious ORGANIZATION or INSTITUTE when it is preparing to perform COMPARATIVE "TESTS" (to be formalized) with various operational devices.

Besides confirming the EXCELLENCE of the MARTIGNANI SuperEcology Mist Blowers, in this light, in Malaysia in 2014 with the initiative of The Institute for Medical Research (IMR) in collaboration with a well-known multinational chemical company, 6 Institutes specialized in various disciplines of expertise and 18 medical scientific experts, a very high level practical testing has been carried out in order to seek the results achieved today in the fight against DENGUE by ULTRA-LOW VOLUME application of a product made available by the above-mentioned company, with three different machines on the market of that country, an Italian one: the “Compact” B-748 16 HP (11,7 kW) Electrostatic MARTIGNANI Mist Blower; a German one: both German and Korean manufactured thermal foggers with the following FINAL results 48 hours after the treatment, shown in a 24-page REPORT:

MORTALITY of ADULT MOSQUITO AND LARVAE, average percentage with MARTIGNANI 88%, with the GERMAN model 61%, with the Korean model 23%. This was followed by CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS from the MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS to Martignani.