Martignani: Nightly Field Trials


“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream”

Bernard Williams


The sunset. One of the moments that we prefer. Calm and serenity arrive and cover cultivated fields. Darkness that follows sundown help us to understand the results of our treatments results with Martignani sprayers. Last few months were challenging. We organized and participated in a lot of events and field night trials which prove how they work and what are the results obtained with Martignani sprayers.


Nightly Field Trials


In July, with the help of our collaborators, we realized some test of different vineyards. Martignani has been doing this kind of test for years to show to agriculture “operators and professionals” (technicians, farmers, agronomists, enologists, customers, etc …) how our machines distribute pesticides. The treatment was carried out in late afternoon, near sunset, when the heat usually offers a little respite, after which you can enjoy the sunset drinking good wine, taking advantage of the tables prepared waiting to verify the results of the tests carried out. The test outcome is evidenced by the fluorescent product used at the time of treatment, harmless results were excellent. The product went to target, the dripping on the ground and the drift once again largely satisfied our and our guests’ expectations.


Advantages of Martignani machines:

  • low water volume
  • insignificant dripping
  • the important reduction of the drift thanks to an orientation of the jet diffusers that are variable
  • electrostatic charger


In it schematic way, the electrostatic charge causes electrostatic fields to create between the plants, good conductors (lymph, mineral salts, humidity, etc … ) and the fog supplied by the speakers with it suitable charge. The droplets, saturated with the active principle, are attracted by the vegetation reducing the drift losses and the dripping even in the presence of wind.

Precisely this is demonstrated in Nightly trials.

The fluorescent products allows to see with precision the excellent coverage of the product on the vegetation and its absence on the ground and on the surrounding wows, showing in an exhaustive way the almost absence of drift.