Mauro Lovato: “Martignani is the bison of treatments”

We are in Abruzzo. The sea, the mysterious paths, the flavours, the knowledge, the tradition, the wild green, some of the most charming villages in Italy … I would say that this kind of beginning is perfect to contextualize an article in which the respect for the environment, sustainability and the fight against waste are essential.

Mauro Lovato is a friend and a historical customer of Martignani. Not only has he got 12 hectares of wine grapes in one of the most beautiful areas of Abruzzo region, but he has also owned a farm since 1992. Today, with his family, he manages the farm and a farmhouse called “La Capezzagna“, which stands on a hill where you can breathe relaxation, comfort and contact with nature. It is a structure consisting of two buildings dedicated to hospitality and catering or events. All this is managed with a great passion for small things, details and for the links with the land to which you belong. Cuddles, a good glass of wine near the fireplace and the little pleasures of life make Mauro a prestigious guest.


One of the main objectives of “La Capezzagna” farm is the production of very high quality wine grapes. For important wines, with a very strong message. For the treatments in his 12 hectares of wine, Mauro has always (and only) chosen Martignani. He owns a Whirlwind M612 600 litre wheeled sprayer purchased in 1992 and he is still using it today, 29 years later.


In all these years he has only had to do minor maintenance and has never had any problems. In fact, regarding the resistance of our electrostatic sprayers, Mauro claims that they are “the bison of the treatments. To stop them you definitely have to knock them down”. He adds “In addition to the characteristics useful for what they were designed for, I think it is convenient to agree that the machines are made with more than excellent materials. If normal maintenance is respected, the most wearing parts have a long life. I recommend the stainless steel pump that, even if badly treated for over 10 years, you almost forget about it”.



€ 200 / hectare of annual savings

Usually, Mauro performs the treatments in his fields from March to September with a Low Volume Martignani Electrostatic Sprayer.

Analysing its income statements, and making a comparison with the use of a conventional atomizer, we observe a total saving of € 2372,00 per year divided into:

– € 1520,00 of chemical product

– € 852,00 for labour

If we consider this figure and we divide it by the number of hectares, Mauro saves € 198,00 per hectare every year. A sum that corresponds perfectly with what we have always guaranteed thanks to the Martignani Theorem.

To conclude, Mauro, who defines Martignani as “the bison of treatments“, paid for the machine in 7 years and started saving, that is to say earning around 2000,00 € a year.

Considering all this data, what would your savings be?