Martignani and walnut treatments

We are in Veneto, in the north of Italy. Probably one of the most romantic and enchanting regions in this country. With a great diversity of landscapes and cultural secrets to be discovered: from the hills to the sea or the mountains, from tradition to modernity. From art to gastronomy or tourism. All the charm of Venice meets with the hilly area, the heart of Veneto, characterized by beautiful historic villages, ancient villas and evidence of the preferences that the nobles of the past had for this area that they chose as a holiday and relaxation destination.

Agriculture, in this Italian region as in most of our country, is fundamental. Both viticulture and fruit growing are of vital importance and, as it could not be otherwise, Martignani is also very present.

For years, Martignani mist blowers have been present throughout the Veneto region. We have many testimonies of how, over the years, electrostatic charge technology and low volume have been used in the treatments of all types of crops, especially as regards viticulture.


Il Noceto: Walnut Treatment with Martignani Mist Blowers

In this case, however, we are in Veneto to talk to one of our long-standing customers, Mr. Rebuf, farm manager of the “Il Noceto" in Noventa di Piave, in the province of Venice.

The “Il Noceto” company owns a large extension of walnut trees, Lara variety, and is being expanded. In fact, it has 75 hectares in production, with trees up to 11/12 meters high, and another 80 hectares planted between 2019 and 2020.

The trees have different layouts, from mt. 3,5 - 4 - 5 along the line and mt. 6.80 - 7 between rows.

For the treatments carried out in these plantations, the company has always used Martignani sprayers, specifically a Whirlwind M612 Turbo 2 2000 lt electrostatic sprayer with extendable tower for walnuts purchased over 20 years ago, but which today continues to be used above all "for the phytosanitary defence of walnut groves, specifically in the fight against fungal or insect infections”, explains Mr. Rebuf.

Given the prospects for expansion of the company, just over a month ago, the “Il Noceto” purchased a second machine: a Whirlwind M612 Turbo 2, 2000 litres with DEVICE 4.0.


These devices allow operators / producers the absolute remote control of each parameter related to the treatment through the Cloud platform which allows you to view all data on the move via smartphone, tablet or PC:

- Correct dose and treatment parameters

- Fluid dynamic parameters

- Mapping of the treatment performed

- Control and regulation of consumption

- Adjustments based on weather changes.

Advantages of treatments with Martignani

Mr. Rebuf affirms that the main advantages of the treatments carried out with Martignani sprayers are "a much lower consumption of water, about 650 l per hectare, with a greater diffusion of the droplets in an extremely uniform way from top to bottom of the trees".

In fact, the low volume and the electrostatic charge of Martignani Technology guarantee a perfect, uniform, and homogeneous coverage, without drift losses or residues in the fruit.

Economic saving

On the other hand, one of the main strengths of Martignani Technology is the guaranteed economic savings (or return) that is achieved with the treatments. In fact, 20 years ago Eng. Claudio Martignani, founder of our company, created the Martignani Theorem in which the various guaranteed savings are calculated after only a few years from the purchase of the machine.

This theorem is still valid today and demonstrates how with the Martignani it is possible to save, for example, at least € 200 per hectare per year in viticulture. In this regard, Mr. Rebuf states that "the savings must be interpreted both in the speed of execution and therefore less use of manpower and fuel, and in the certainty that the plant products are distributed extremely evenly. The gain, therefore, also lies in the fact that there is less loss of fruit due to the presence of plant diseases due to the above ".

Over the years, Martignani technology has shown maximum respect for the environment and for crop protection, guaranteeing fruit without residue and savings in both chemical products and water and labour/time. Martignani, for a greener world.