Martignani and treatments against Black Sigatoka

Martignani company has been a leader in treating banana plantations since many years. In the main Latin American countries as well as Asia, where bananas are a great economic engine, you can find Martignani with its solutions: not only do they guarantee efficient, modern and quick treatments, but they are also essential partners in fighting Black Sigatoka, which is the most frequent disease in bananas.

Black Sigatoka is a leaf disease of banana plants caused by a fungus which affects banana plantations. This fungus can halve the production and even reset it, if not treated in time. Black Sigatoka appears with small lesions or yellow and brown spots on the fruit. Its development is related both to weather conditions and to the banana variety.

Different Leaf Protecting Products are sprayed to fight Black Sigatoka in order to inhibit the fungus from growing and reproducing. Martignani has developed three different solutions for treatments against this fungus. Choosing one over another depends on the number of hectares of the plantations.


Martignani solutions against Black Sigatoka

  • Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer K800

It is a backpack sprayer recommended for treatments on small plantations, namely one or two hectares.  Like every Martignani sprayer, the Backpack Sprayer K800 is equipped with an electrostatic charge device to optimize the treatment, ensuring homogeneity, precision and no drift.

  • Power take-off Whirlwind M612 Major (carried or pulled by tractors from 80 HP)

This sprayer is perfect for medium-large-sized banana plantations. Thanks to its raised cannon, this sprayer can work approximately up to 10 hectares per hour, with ranges up to 30 meters.

  • Engine driven Whirlwind M819 Master Plus (It can be truck mounted or pulled by tractors)

This Martignani sprayer is ideal for large banana plantations (from 200 hectares). Today it is employed worldwide for terrestrial treatments. It is equipped with electrostatic charge and has a powerful double-air intake fan. It is powered by a 140 HP John Deere engine, which allows to work up to 20 hectares per hour with ranges up to 50 meters.


Fyffes and Martignani Whirlwind M612

Fyffes is worldwide one of the main multinational company in banana production and exportation. It has got different headquarters in Europe and Latin America as well as banana plantations in many countries like Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil and so on.

In Ecuador, Fyffes has created an agro-ecological production system of high productivity and employs Martignani sprayers, also thanks to our collaborators UNIDECO SA in the country. Fyffes shows itself satisfied by the results achieved with the treatments with Martignani Whirlwind M612 Major.

Specifically, Alex Morales, Fyffes Farm Development Manager in Ecuador assures that “Despite the limitations for mechanization due to the rainy season and to the irregular topography of the area, we still have accomplished the treatments once a week with Martignani from the beginning of the season. This makes sure that the phytosanitary management is excellent. No banana plantation in this area can do that with its own means, as it depends on the aerial fumigation. We have reduced costs and environmental footprint enhancing the productivity.”

Morales adds that “Finca San Jorge is a 100% organic banana plantation, but everything seems to indicate that we will have levels of productivity similar to a conventional plantation. This is of special relevance as in an organic production system the availability of supply complying with organic regulations is limited. That’s why frequently and efficiently monitoring Black Sigatoka is the key to a sustainable banana production”.

Martignani electrostatic charge treatments have always secured the highest accuracy and homogeneity in covering banana plants and absence of drift. In these pictures you can see the result on banana leaves, after a treatment carried out with the Martignani sprayer at 50 lt/hectare.