Martignani: 80 minutes less work for every 6 hectares

We are in Colombia with its colors, its various microclimates and its cultural diversity. Agriculture is one of the main sectors of Colombian economy. At present, it takes up 5 million hectares. 

The main productive fields of Colombian agriculture are coffee, bananas, floriculture, oil palm and sugar cane. Moreover, Colombia is not only a producer, but also one of the main exporting country.

Oil Palm

Colombia is the leading producer of oil palm in America, as well as the fourth country in the world with 2,1% of global production.  Furthermore, it is a key sector for Colombian economy as it creates 188.506 workplaces both direct and indirect, according to the data of Fedepalma (, the official reference body of the country.

Palm oil agro-industry in Colombia develops with a low environmental impact and creates a new diversity, helping in fighting deforestation.  On the other hand, oil palm production is a sector with the following characteristics:

- Competitiveness

- Proper and efficient use of soil, water and energy

- Respect of biodiversity

- No deforestation

- Decent work

- Respect for workers rights and for work ethic

- Prevention of environmental contamination


Despite all the difficulties created by the pandemic we are living worldwide, oil palm sector has never stopped in Colombia. In fact, sales have increased as well as exportations equal to 46% of the national oil palm production (704.000 tons). The main destination is Europe (Holland and Spain).


Martignani in Colombia

Martignani is very present in Colombia. As a matter of fact, Colombia is one of the first Latin-American countries where our machines and technologies have entered, notably for oil palm treatments. On the other hand, Colombia is the leader in electrostatic mist blower, in variable volume applied to palm cultivation. According to our representative in the country, the Eng. Agr. Ernesto Olave, owner of Bolsa de Maquinaria: “today palm oil cultivation achieves 600.000 hectares and has a 2 million hectares potential.” He also points out that “this cultivation is an important contribution to biodiversity with an eco-friendly use of the soil and the water supply network. At the same time, it creates many workplaces and much wealth in rural areas which would be otherwise deserted.”

“ Martignani sprayers are more and more present in Colombia and are also being used in other crops such as rubber trees, grapes, Citrus fruits or avocado, especially in hilly areas, where it is difficult to mechanize.”

One of our partners in Colombia is Agronel SAS, a company for consulting, auditing and technical assistance in palm oil cultivations. This company also makes efficacy trials and agrochemicals registrations at ICA (Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario). The company manages today 5500 hectares of palm in two different regions of the country: Orinoquía (Llanos Orientales) and La Palmera, the central zone.


Agronel: “Water saving is extremely high”

Eng. Nelson Dìaz Lara, head of Agronel, described his experience with Martignani technology. He has used our sprayers since 2013, specifically the Whirlwind M612 and Phantom M612 models.

According to Eng. Dìaz Lara “the main advantages of this equipment are the precise application of the agreed dose for culture as far as foliar fertilizers, biostimulants, plant hormones and biocidal products are concerned. Less drift and consequently less contamination of not treated cultivated areas, of streams and subsoil thanks to no dripping from the foliage. More efficiency in the application and great results in pests/diseases control.”

The head of Agronel also points out the water saving when using Martignani electrostatic sprayers. He assures that “water saving is very high, whose consumption is 100 liters per hectare, while 800 liters per hectare were previously used by other equipment for the application of liquid mixtures.”

“With Martignani sprayers it takes only 40 minutes to cover 6 hectares of Oil Palm cultivation, while with standard sprayers it takes 2 hours.”

Eng. Dìaz Lara describes likewise the active substance as remarkable “thanks to a better coverage of the mixture direct to the foliage through electrostatic technology.”

Another advantage of Martignani electrostatic sprayers is the higher yield in the application since 6 hectares of palm oil cultivation are covered in 40 minutes, while it previously took about 2 hours for the same surface with other equipment.”

Eng. Dìaz Lara concludes that “Martignani technology always shows itself very efficient in spreading any liquid mixtures to the palm foliage which can reach heights of over 10 meters.”

These proofs are very important for us at Martignani, because they fully reflect the values of our company. Water saving, chemical product and energy (fuel) saving, respect for the environment and for the working dignity and ethic.