Treatments carried out with Martignani electrostatic sprayers guarantee significant savings in chemical, water and time. Our figures show that after just a few seasons of use, farmers can save up to

- 50 % of active ingredients/chemicals

- 85 % of water

- 50 % time

Obviously, these are not figures that we give, but they are the result of years and years of experience, the testimonies of thousands of customers all over the world and many searches and scientific studies that prove the effectiveness and efficiency of Martignani sprayers in guaranteeing an excellent treatment and the right protection of the environment.



Martignani's cherry numbers

A recent study carried out by our collaborator in Chile, Eng. Agr. Pablo Poirot, highlights the results obtained by a cherry grower in three years of treatments compared to his previous use of conventional mist blowers.

Our client is the owner of a 90-hectare cherry farm (main varieties: Santina, Lapins and Kordia all destined for export) in the Teno area south of the capital Santiago (Chile). This producer harvests 100 tons of fruit per season, or 200,000 cases of export cherries whose main market is China.

Currently, it uses two electrostatic Whirlwind M612 TURBO 2 1500 litre electrostatic sprayers with double outlet fan and tower to carry out its treatments and, over the last 3 seasons, it has reduced both its operating costs in applications and the product costs of its annual application programme.



Let's look at the numbers:

The producer in question works with two Martignani sprayers at 375 litres/hectare, compared to the 1,500 litres/hectare previously used with conventional turbo sprayers. This means a saving of 75% WATER.

In addition, over the last 3 seasons it has saved USD 6,846 (€ 6,390.00) per machine/year in machine hire, fuel and operators.

In terms of water savings alone, this resulted in a total of 474,648 litres.



Comparison of annual investment on pesticides:

- Conventional sprayer: USD 4,312 per hectare (€ 4,027.00 approx.)

- Martignani electrostatic sprayer: USD 1,324 per hectare (€ 1,226.00 approx.)


Annual saving with Martignani USD 2,988 per hectare (€ 2,801.00 approx.)

We must also point out the important time saving in treatments carried out with Martignani sprayers; in fact, one operator covers 54% more area per day.

Before purchasing Martignani mist blowers, the Chilean reference company used 3 conventional mist blowers to treat 60 hectares of cherries, whereas now with 2 Martignani mist blowers it treats 90 hectares (the company has expanded from 60 to 90 hectares in the last 3 years).

This means that 2 Martignani sprayers have replaced 4 hypothetical conventional sprayers and as many tractors (in fact 60 hectares for 3 sprayers would be 4 sprayers for the current 90 hectares).

Treatments carried out with Martignani sprayers are sustainable, not only because of the considerable savings in water and product, but also because they guarantee the absence of soil contamination by runoff or drift. 70-80% of the product remains on the tree (compared to 30% in traditional systems).

This has always been one of the main goals of our company, to find the right balance between crop protection and environmental protection. This is why we have put on the market an advanced technology (electrostatic system and low volume with micronization the most suitable to carry the active ingredient to the target) without comparison, able to guarantee quality fruit and wine, without residues, with the utmost respect for the green.