“After 17 years my Martignani Machines are still working perfectly”

Last June, we at Martignani organized a Webinar with Latin American, Central American and Spanish farmers and other expertis in the agricultural sector, in collaboration with our agents in the area to talk about the Martignani nebulizers.

For years our machines have benn present in countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Chile or Argentina with remarkable results, and our goal is certainly to continue growing in these areas and improve communication on the advantages and properties of Martignani nebulizers.

During the webinar, which was divided into three days and was attended by about 300 people, some interesting topics were addressed such as the differences between a traditional Nebulizer and a Martignani Nebulizer, the use and advantages of electrostatic technology and the basic information for proper maintenance of Martignani machines.


During this event there were many witnsses that, again, confirmed the advantages in terms of use and savings, of water and time, offered by Martignani machines.

Specifically, Gustavo Moizo, one of our Uruguayan customer explained that since he bought his first Martignani “17 years have passed and these machines are of great quality. Now many producers in the area are looking for ways to lower the volumes of water in their applications, making changes while working with other machines but with little reusults and asking me aboyt my outcomes with Martignani nebulizers”. Furthermore, Moizo stressed that “fruit arrives at harvest with less amount of plant protection product and this is very important at the time of sale”.

The Uruguayan manufacturer also showed us several pictures of his Martignani, declaring that “17 years later and with the right maintenance the machines work perfectly”. In addition, he said that “it would be very interesting if the Martignani brand could have a greater role in the country as fruit growing is incorporating a lot of technology, in the whole world, except for the nebulizer sector where it is still very traditional”.



Our nebulizers put all the innovations and modernity at the service of the agricultural operators, guaranteering effective tratments with savings of:

  • Water (up to 90%)
  • Time-labor (70%)
  • Active Ingredients (45-50%)

This is to protect not only operators, but also the consumers and the environment.