3P Mounted Phantom M819 "Master" (PTO) Sprayers

The World's Most Powerful The 3P Mounted Phantom M819 Sprayers are available with 1000 l (260 USG) capacity tank with built-in 100 l (25 USG) tank for circuit rinsing and 15 l (4 USG) for hand washing complying with EC rules. Actual SPRAY SWATH with "GUN": up to 70 m (295.20') HORIZONTAL and up to 50 m (164') VERTICAL (Depending on tractor HP, speed, weather conditions) For tractors from 160 HP and over They are specially recommended for the following crops where huge spray distances are required: - Field crops - Tropical crops: Bananas, Pineapple, Oil Palm Trees, etc. - High trees etc.